A Look Ahead to World of Warcraft: Classic


Summer is coming and the excitement is palpable.  MMO enthusiasts, role players, PvP'ers, YouTubers, and World of Warcraft fans are all excited for one thing: Classic!

One of the most common complaints over the last few years, or at least since the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, has been the lack of community and player interaction.  Classic has a genuine chance of returning this to us as players.  It has a chance to revitalize what many consider a dead theme-park game.

What once had been an open, vibrant, and dangerous world turned into a place to quest, hit max level, and then spend time in dungeons, raids, and instanced PvP zones.  In short, the World of Warcraft died.  There was no longer any WAR going on, unless you consider instanced battlegrounds such.

Being primarily a PvP'er and even an old-school PK'er where possible, I relish the opportunity to revisit the days of Vanilla WoW.  The world was dangerous and it felt as if there really was a war being waged between the Alliance and the Horde.  Back then, many players and guilds held the "Red = Dead" mentality and, while it could be frustrating to be on the end of a wandering PK team, it made the world feel alive. Constantly looking over your shoulder was a fact of life back then, especially if you had made enemies either in-game or on the forums.

Ahh the forums...

Forums were a thing of beauty during the earlier generations of MMO's and World of Warcraft was no exception.  Most forum interactions took place on server-specific forums, so things were so much more personal.  Killed someone in PvP?  Go make a forum post about it.  Someone in your dungeon group ninja-looted a drop?  Go tell the whole server about it.  Many of us eagerly awaited the next post while we were at work and couldn't be in game.  It connected us to the community and allowed us to live in the world even while we were busy with other real-life activities.

But forums are no longer the exciting places they used to be.  Server-specific forums are dead unless someone is wanted to sell something.  There is no drama and there is no conflict.  No matter your opinion on eDrama, it is what made the game great and we should all desire its return when Classic goes live because it is going to feed the growth of the game again.  Forum interaction equals a community that is active and caring.  

I am rooting for Classic and its success in a very big way.  Blizzard is clearly not unaware of BFA's problems and they are certainly aware (via the forums and blogs such as this) that the player base feels the community needs to return to their games.  From what I have observed, they are genuinely concerned and care about returning the classic experience to the players.  I hope they are wildly successful for their sake and for ours.