BombAndBlade was founded in March 2019 by Inviris. The site is based around a small staff of writers who share a passion and interest for, not just games, but the gaming industry as a whole.

BombAndBlade aims to deliver intelligent, high-quality content in the form of guides, articles, opinion-pieces, and game and product reviews.  Our content can sometimes be hard-hitting and even disagreeable, but we call it like we see it and do not pull punches. While we are mostly polite and always clean, we are anything but politically-correct and will on occasion offend those on every side of the aisle.

To offer a bit of clarity on the above, BombAndBlade contributors come from all walks of life and represent a wide variety of backgrounds.  We do not go out of our way to be inclusive of any particular gender, race or sexual preference.  If you are a good writer, you can write for us - it's pretty much that simple.  

We will never deliberately offend any particular group, but we also do not go out of our way NOT to offend in our content.  In our view, modern society has become very weak-minded when it comes to differing opinions.  We aim our content at readers that are able to think critically and do not mind the fight.  BombAndBlade was not named such for no reason - the name carries meaning for us.  The games we love involve conflict, war, chaos, and betrayal.  

The following is one of our favorite quotes taken from a post by John Lovell of the Warrior Poet Society:

The problem with society today is that no one drinks from the skulls of their enemies anymore.  - author unknown
"This, of course, is stupid, brilliant, heinous, and hilarious. I think the author’s intent was in part to shock us and make us smile, but also to state this truth: as our society grows more politically correct and docile, we lose the savage impulse needed to survive."

With that said, let us go to war with bomb, blade, and pen, but always with a spirit of good will and respect.  We welcome opinions from every side!

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to get in touch.