Ashes of Outland - Best Legendary Cards


Hearthstone - Ashes of Outland begins the new Year of the Phoenix and with it comes some legendary cards that will change the face of the game.  Here we will outline the cards that are worth crafting immediately to have the most impact on your game play and win percentage.

Beastmaster Leoroxx

Beast Hunter is already strong and this legendary only adds to its ability to bring the damage.  Combine this with the new Helboar and Pack Tactics and the Hunter soon has massive beasts that just keep bringing the threat.  

Zixor, Apex Predator

Zixor Prime is massively powerful when drawn. Getting 3 4/4 minions is very hard to deal with for most classes.  If you are not playing Priest, Mage or Control Warrior, it is very difficult to get rid of an onslaught like this without taking significant face damage.  One might note that the synergy between Zixor and Mok'Nathal Lion is just amazing and almost (if not) overpowered.  Being able to copy Zixor's Deathrattle several times over at times is nearly impossible if the Hunter gets the right draw.


With this card, the new Demon Hunter class gets what is essentially a Pyroblast that costs 5 mana, this is a very strong card for an already very aggressive class.  The advantage Metamorphosis has over Pyroblast is that it can be used on two different opponents, either minions or to hit the face of your opponent.  There is no downside to this card seeing as once it is depleted, the Demon Hunter gets his hero power back in its original form.  Highly recommended craft!

Reliquary of Souls

Resurrect Control Priest has been strong for some time now and although considered a Tier 2 ladder deck, it has seen its share of success.   With Reliquary of Souls, Priest gets a solid 1-drop minion that can be used to keep life high while clearing early opponent minions and keeping the board clear.  The Deathrattle, Reliquary Prime is a fantastic addition to the  Resurrect theme and fits solidly into the deck as a 7 mana card which has great synergy with Mass Resurrection, Catrina Muerte, and Psychopomp.  Add the advantage of not being target-able by your opponent and you have a solid offensive and defensive card that is excellent for multiple situations.


It is difficult to imagine a harder card to deal with than Akama.  Here is a 3/4 stealth minion for 3 mana that when killed gives the Rogue a 6/5 PERMANENTLY stealthed minion in Akama Prime.  Sure, once Akama attacks one could silence him which would defeat the Deathrattle, but silence effects are so situational that many decks do not run them.  

It should also be mentioned the great synergy Akama has with Greyheart Sage and Ashtongue Slayer making what seems to be a very bright future for Rogue players.

Kargath Bladefist

Kargath Bladefist could very well be one of the strongest Legendaries in the game now.  For 4 mana a Warrior gets a 4/4 minion with Rush which is already pretty good in the early to mid game.  Kargath Prime changes the game immensely and makes Control Warrior so strong at this point that it is hard to imagine it not being a solid Tier 1 deck for the foreseeable future.  

Kargath Prime gives the Warrior what amounts to basically a board clear that for every kill adds 10 armor.  This one card pretty much guarantees three things:

  1. Mill decks are going to be hard pressed to beat warrior.
  2. Aggro face decks better have a plan to win very fast.
  3. Seeing as Control Warrior is looking so strong, any serious deck should consider running Platebreaker to nullify the massive amount of armor that the Warrior is going to have at late stages of the game.  There is just very little chance to destroy this amount of armor without it.