Classic WoW Holy Paladin Pre-Raid BiS Guide


**Updated for Dire Maul

Slot Name Where can I find it?
Weapon (Main-Hand): The Hammer of Grace BRD - Seven Dwarves
Hand of Righteousness Scarlet Monastary - High Inquisitor Whitemane
Death Speaker Scepter Razorfen Kraul - Death Speaker Jargba
Weapon: (1-Hand): Brightly Glowing Stone King Gordok - Dire Maul North
Spirit of Aquamentas Linken's Mastery Quest Chain - Un'goro Crater
Drakestone of Healing Sunken Temple - Various Bosses
Helm: Insightful Hood Cho'Rush the Observer - Dire Maul North
Green Lens of Healing Engineering Crafted
Whitesoul Helm Blacksmithing Crafted
Neck: Animated Chain Necklace Ramstein the Gorger - Stratholme
Tooth of Gnarr UBRS - Drakkisath
Horizon Choker BoE World Drop
Shoulder: Royal Cap Spaulders Jandice Barov - Scholomance
Living Shoulders Crafted - Leatherworking
Back: Hide of the Wild Crafted - Leatherworking
Archivist Cape of Healing Stratholme - Archivist Galford
Raincaster Drape Quest - The Rise of the Machines
Chest: Robes of the Exalted Stratholme - Baron Rivendare
Alanna's Embrace Ras Frostwhisper - Scholomance
Living Breastplate Leatherworking Crafted
Bracers: Loomguard Armbraces Scholomance - Kirtonos the Herald
Magiskull Cuffs BoE World Drop
Manacle Cuffs Quest - The Love Potion
Hands: Harmonious Gauntlets King Gordok - Dire Maul North
Hands of the Exalted Herald BRD - High Priestess of Thaurissan
Hands of Power LBRS - Quartermaster Zigris
Belt: Sash of Mercy BoE World Drop
Belt of the Ordained BoE World Drop
Legs: Padre's Trousers Illyanna Ravenoak - Dire Maul West
Ghoul Skin Leggings Scholomance - Various Bosses
Senior Designer's Pantaloons Fineous Darkvire - Blackrock Depths
Boots: Verdant Footpads Stratholme - Stonespine
Omnicast Boots BRD - Golem Lord Arglemach
Dragonrider Boots Rend Blackhand - UBRS
Ring: Fordring's Seal Quest - "In Dreams"
Maiden's Circle BoE World Drop
Songstone of Ironforge Quest - The Princess's Surprise - BRD
Trinket: Second Wind BRD - Golem Lord Arglemech
Briarwood Reed UBRS - Jed Runewatcher (Rare Spawn)
Burst of Knowledge BRD - Ambassador Flamelash