Classic WoW Warlock Pre-Raid BiS Guide


**Updated for Dire Maul

Slot Name Where can I find it?
Weapon (2-Hand): Rod of the Ogre Magi Tribute Runs - Dire Maul North
Staff of Jordan BoE World Drop
Staff of the Shade BoE World Drop
Staff of Dar'Orahil Quest - "The Completed Orb of Dar'Orahil"
Weapon (1-Hand): Blade of the New Moon Immol'thar - Dire Maul West
Witchblade Scholomance
Inventor's Focal Sword Maraudon - Tinkerer Gizlock
Weapon (OH): Drakestone of Shadow Wrath Sunken Temple
Umbral Crystal BoE World Drop
Swampchill Fetish BoE World Drop
Wand: Bonecreeper Stylus Scholomance - Darkmaster Gandling
Skul's Ghastly Touch Stratholme - Skul
Helm: Cap of the Scarlet Savant Quest - Pristine Hide of the Beast
Green Lens of Shadow Wrath Crafted - Engineering
Felcloth Hood Crafted - Tailoring
Neck: Star of Mystaria Balnazzar - Stratholme
Tooth of Gnarr UBRS
Horizon Choker BoE World Drop
Shoulder: Felcloth Shoulders Crafted - Tailoring
Elder Wizard's Mantle BoE World Drop
Shadoweave Shoulders Crafted - Tailoring
Back: Archivist Cape of Shadow Wrath Stratholme - Archivist Galford
Shroud of the Exile Quest - "In Dreams"
Royal Tribunal Cloak Stratholme
Chest: Robe of the Void Crafted - Tailoring
Robe of Winter Night Crafted - Tailoring
Felcloth Robe Crafted - Tailoring
Shadoweave Robe Crafted - Tailoring
Bracers: Sublime Wristguards Guards Mol'dar/Slip'kik - Dire Maul North
Magiskull Cuffs BoE World Drop
Tearfall Bracers of Shadow Wrath The Unforgiven - Stratholme
Hands: Hands of Power LBRS - Quartermaster Zigris
Black Mageweave Gloves Crafted - Tailoring
Dreamweave Gloves Crafted - Tailoring
Belt: Ban'thok Sash Ok'thor the Breaker - Blackrock Depths
Clutch of Andros Kirtonos the Herald - Scholomance
Star Belt Crafted - Tailoring
Legs: Skyshroud Leggings LBRS - Highlord Omokk
Felcloth Pants Crafted - Tailoring
Spellshock Leggings BoE World Drop
Boots: Maleki's Footwraps Maleki the Pallid - Stratholme
Omnicast Boots BRD - Golem Lord Argelmach
Shadoweave Boots Crafted - Tailoring
Ring: Eye of Orgimmar Quest - "The Princess Saved?"
Maiden's Circle BoE World Drop
Songstone of Ironforge Quest - "The Princess' Surprise"
Trinket: Briarwood Reed UBRS - Jed Runewatcher
Eye of the Beast Quest - Horde: "For the Horde!", Alliance: "General Drakkisath's Demise"


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