Heroes of the Storm Tier List - December 2020


Update 12/29/2020 - Thank you for using my HoTS Tier List. I realize it is long and somewhat cumbersome to use in its current state. I am working on updating the look and feel of the Tier Lists to make them easier to navigate and read. Please look for changes in the upcoming week.

This page features our Heroes of the Storm Tier List.  We keep the HoTS Tier List current with the meta and typically update it monthly unless there is a patch or content update from Blizzard. The Tier List is based on our own playing experience as well as research into all other tier lists we find relevant for ranked play.

One note about our HoTS Tier List:  We base our list on heroes that are popular and playable across ALL ranks and levels of play, rather than the top ranks only.  We prefer our list of heroes to be accessible to the average player rather than a few at the top tiers of play.

December Update:

Added Hogger to Tier 2

Moved Alarak from Tier 1 to Tier 2

Moved Anduin from Tier 1 to Tier 2

Moved E.T.C from Tier 2 to Tier 1

Moved Cassia from Tier 3 to Tier 1

Moved Muradin from Tier 1 to Tier 2

Moved Kharazim from Tier 2 to Tier 3

The Heroes of the Storm Tier List is divided into four tiers:

Tier 1 - First Pick/First Ban

These heroes represent the current top tier picks in the meta. They sit above the current power state of the meta and should be considered both first pick and first ban. These heroes also represent solid picks for players at all skill levels.

Tier 2

These heroes represent the current power state of the meta across most skill levels. They are considered balanced and can be picked safely by any player for most team compositions.

Tier 3

These heroes represent the bottom of the current meta in terms of power, scaling and lane push. They should really not be considered at lower skill levels unless you have a great deal of experience with them or are filling a specific role in team play.

Tier 4 - Not Currently Viable

These heroes represent the absolute basement of the current meta. They should almost never be chosen unless you are a glutton for punishment or are exceptionally experienced at playing them.

Tier 1


Her solo support ability has improved over the months. Shines when paired with high-sustain heroes. Sleep Dart is a fantastic ability and can be game-changing. Very effective at higher ranks and a favorite of higher skill cap players.


Good poke in Lightning Fury and her kit overall seems stronger. Ball Lightning can be effective in team fights. Somewhat easy to bully with heroes like Valla and Raynor.


Shadow Charge/Overpower combo is effective at any level on any map. Apocalypse can turn team fights with proper awareness. Solid survivability and front-line bruising. One of the best all-around heroes in the game. Ban him if you don't pick him.


Consistently a top pick/ban. Powerslide makes for valuable CC while Mosh Pit almost guarantees a team fight win. Great sustain in Guitar Solo. A solid hero no matter the team comp.


Very high damage and great wave clear in lane. Two incredible heroics make him a great all-around team fighter. Great pick for lower ranks.


Low damage output, but awesome survivability. She can be used to bully and zone other enemy heroes like no other. Falling Sword is an amazing escape mechanism or offensive stun.


Still one of the best AOE's in the game in Phoenix and likely the best mage kit overall for pure damage. Good luck being able to pick him at lower ranks as he is banned first nearly every game.


Arguably the best mobility of any support hero. Passive healing and Sound Barrier make him a solid supprt for any team.


Strong counter to Genji and a great pick with heroes like Jaina and ETC. who have AOE-based ultimates. Not recommended for lower ranks as her skill cap is high.


Some of the best sustain in the game and a great front-line bruiser. Carrion Swarm adds even more sustain and allows him to dive the enemy team with ease. Great for all ranks.


Mephisto has some of the best sustained damage in the Nexus. He does not have any real burst damage to speak of, but his AOE damage more than makes up for it. He is somewhat hard to fight against due to his mobility, but his range is short so better players can take advantage of this. Consume Souls is very strong and he would be top-tier were it not for his vulnerability without Shade of Mephisto. Very strong hero in the hands of better players.


Strong healing and invaluable slow. Among the best heroics of the support heroes. Great mobility with Ghost Wolf.

Tier 2


Very high damage potential but difficult to play well. Telekinesis almost guarantees a kill if used correctly. Typically a liability at lower Tiers in Hero League but very strong at high ranks.


Very strong trait in Dragonqueen. Excellent healing for any team composition.


Two very strong Heroics with the usual lack of mobility typical for support heroes. Anduin is a solid first pick support and sits solidly in the top tier, but is not really any more bannable than any other support currently. Has serious carry potential with good positioning.


Very high survivability makes him a solid warrior pick for any team. Phase Prism can present problems for over-eager players hungry for kills.


His entire ability kit is a fantastic pairing with almost any assassin. Strong survivability but lacks mobility.


Solid wave clear and large health pool make him a great top-laner. Depends on his skill-shots to be effective. Bunker is overrated at lower ranks but his kit is massive nonetheless.


One of the best all-around support kits in the game. Polymorph is always valuable and Blink Heal can be very frustrating for enemy heroes. Could be Tier 1 in the hands of a good player.


Very high survivability and Wandering Keg make him a nuisance. Shot to the top of the pick/ban list seemingly out of nowhere but his strength is undeniable at all skill levels.


VERY strong at pretty much any level of the game. All of his primary abilities are fairly strong. Molten Flame is basically Diablo's Lightning Breath and can be cast with a very low cool down for quick lane clear. Onslaught is a very effective charge and excels at initiating small skirmishes. First ban and first pick.


Possibly the strongest healer on location-based objective-based maps due to his zoning abilities and crowd control. Not as strong as he was a couple of patches ago, but still a viable healer especially on Braxis Holdout and Volskaya Foundry.


Burrow makes for amazing map presence. Two strong ultimates and some of the best survivability in the game make him very formidable. His Drag is excellent but skillshot based and hard to land.


High survivability and Boosters make D.Va a nuisance on any map. Self-Destruct and Bunny Hop make her the Queen of Braxis Holdout. A favorite of Smurfs because of her easy zoning potential.


High damage potential and massive mobility. A solid assassin on any map, but shines on the larger maps due to Flight.


Can zone opponents during laning phase but pales in team fights unless piloted by higher skill player or someone who knows his kit well. At lower ranks, he can be a menace at any stage of the game, especially paired with other heroes with solid CC.


Huge burst damage. Likely the best assassin at high skill levels. Needs a solid team composition to be at his best.


Decent lane clear with some of the best sustain in the game. High damage and Horrify turns the tide of almost any team fight. A favorite of pro players, but he is good at every level.


Excellent single-target damage and high AOE damage. Great zoning potential and very effective at keeping enemy teams from capturing the Tribute in Cursed Hollow. Two strong ultimates, but Dragon's Arrow stands out as superior currently.


Hogger is a great front-line bruiser with good crowd controls. He excels at protecting healers with his Staggering Blow and EZ-Thro Dynamite. Hoardapult offers nice mobility and allows him to jump into the fight and finish off low-health heroes. Solid Tier 2 pick.


Great sustain and one of the best junglers in the game. His damage seems lower than usual lately but still a strong assassin.


Great bruiser with low mobility. He has a massive stun, great sustain, and an amazing heroic. A top pick all day long for ranked or casual play.


High team fight burst damage with the Ring of Frost/Blizzard combo and excellent lane push. Very squishy with low mobility and an easy target for many other assassins.


Undying makes him an annoying constant map presence for the enemy team. Entomb rarely fails to score a team kill at lower skill levels.

Li Li

Good all-around support hero with surprising damage. Jug of 1,000 Cups is one of the strongest clutch heals in the game and flat out wins team fights.

Li Ming

Arcane Orb dominates lanes and team fights, while Teleport gives her mobility. In the right hands she is Tier 1.

Lt. Morales

Best single-target healer in the game. Easy to kill when she is caught away from a group. Medivac Dropship has backfired more than possibly any other skill in the game - proceed with caution.


Leaping Strike and her Nature's Toxin make her a formidable, yet squishy single target adversary. Wisp can be invaluable for her laning phase and boss watches.


Great sustained healing and massive clutch heal in Tranquility. At lower Hero League tiers most people will complain if you take his amazing Twilight Dream ultimate.


A mainstay among the top pro players. Very slow, but hits like a truck if he applies Reaper's Mark. Decent wave clear and lane push with Death Shroud.


A strong tank with even stronger crowd control. Could be Tier 1 in the rights hands. Mei absolutely punishes heroes that lack mobility and cannot play around Avalanche and Ice Wall. Solid tank pick all around for almost any comp.


Possibly the best all-around kit for a warrior. Very high survivability combined with a CC in Storm Bolt and an escape in Dwarf Toss make him an amazingly mobile and effective Bruiser. Consistent Tier 1 hero.


First pick/first ban in lower League Tiers, his poke is superior and Zombie Wall can be highly frustrating for the enemy team. Strong lane push during late game.


Great burst potential and reasonable mobility with Shadow Waltz make her one of the best Assassins in the game right now on all levels. Easy first pick.


Qhira has fantastic mobility with Grappling Hook. Her Revolving Sweep is one of the best abilities in the current meta since it provides a stun, damage mitigation and mobility all in one. Couple it with her Final Strike heroic for massive damage and continued mobility.


Strong all-around kit with very strong wave clear. Can dominate most lanes with Lava Wave at mid to late game.


Strong counter to many bruisers like Diablo and Garrosh. Easy to play kit with two decent heroics. Don't underestimate his ability to carry a team.


Has an excellent stun in Misha, Charge! Good sustain and damage but hard to play well. Misha presents a real annoyance for players as she is tanky and easily healed. Decent bruiser but ultimates feel meh...


One of the most consistently good heroes in every meta. High sustain and good damage along with two good ultimates make her a solid hero for any map and any team.


Hook is the bane of every opposing hero in the game and rightfully so. Hook/Gorge is nearly always a guaranteed kill. Great all-around hero.


Great utility and two great Ultimates make Stukov one of the best supports in the game. Lurking Arm is a nightmare as it shuts down so many abilities and clears minion waves simultaneously.


Arguably the best lane push in the game. Solid damage versus heroes and great mobility. An all-around excellent pick for any team composition.


Two great ultimates and Plasma Shield make him a strong addition to teams with a main healing support.


High damage and poke with a self- sustaining trait make him a strong early game laner. A well- placed Sundering can score a kill in most situations.


Amazing overall utility with Light of Elune and Sentinal. Her re-design moved her into solid Tier 1 territory. A solid first-pick support for any team.


Strong healing and a stun that almost guarantees a kill. Two excellent ultimates round out a very strong kit. Used to be one of the top healers but has fallen in power a bit compared to other supports.


Massive burst damage, stealth and CC make her highly feared. Not banned often but always a solid first pick counter to mages due to her silence. Great pick for lower tier play since players do not know how to properly counter her.


High damage, great mobility and two good ultimates make her a solid pick for any team.


Excellent burst healing but she requires good positioning to be the most effective healer. Top tier in the right hands, but she can be weak in the wrong hands.


Strong lane push and the best vision in the game with Creep Tumor. Devouring Maw is game-changing in the right hands.


The stealth nerf hurt him, but his damage is still strong and it is hard to anticipate his Blink. Void Prison can win a team fight.


Currently has some of the highest damage in the game. Guillotine is a guaranteed kill, while Regeneration keeps his sustain high.

Tier 3


A liability many times in Bronze - Gold since team fights are essentially 4v5. Ultimate Evolution is almost always ignored by teams in lower brackets. Played well, he offers strong lane push and huge support via Symbiote. Platinum and above he is likely Tier 2.


Excellent mobility and survivability make him a strong presence on any map. Moderate stun with Impale rounds out his kit.


Good lane clear for a support hero. Excellent healing if played well. Detainment Strike can cause missed opportunities for team kills so use it with caution.


Strong lane push and second only to Sylvanas. Huge health pool allows him to soak damage like a warror. Lack of mobility can cause issues and allow the enemy team to reverse lane push gains he has made.


Has game carrying potential if played correctly. Explain your choice in Hero Selection or risk toxic commentary from teammates.


One of the hardest hitting heroes in the game. She suffers from having a kit that is skillshot-based and is very hard to be proficient with. Tier 2 in the hands of a skilled player.


Another front-line pro favorite, he was crippled by the nerf to Groundbreaker. Once a solid Tier 1, he is now struggling to regain a bit of his former glory.


Excellent at finishing off low health heroes. Massive dps and amazing mobility. Feels weaker than he used to be but still has carry potential.


Good overall sustained damage but has trouble finishing opponents. Best hero in the Nexus for keeping opponents off of an objective at range.


Squishy and very little mobility make him a bottom pick for the average player. Shadow Fissure can be strong if used correctly. A favorite of some top-tier players like Grubby who know how to play him.


Very strong burst damage but can be outplayed easily if she misses her combo. Maelstrom can be valuable in comps where team fights take priority.


Kharazim has fallen off the top tier over the course of the year. Still has some decent damage for a Support hero along with great mobility and two pretty good ultimates. Overall a decent pick for warrior-heavy comps, but not as useful with ranged dps teams.


Lowest survivability in the game but always seem to be pushing lanes. Complex hero that can suprise enemy teams with his overall utility.


High burst damage and frustrating to kill. Efficient camp-clearing and stealth make him a situational all-around performer in Bronze, Silver and even into Gold, but not first pick material.

Sgt. Hammer

Very limited kit and easy to shut down, but Siege Mode is highly effective on Infernal Shrines and Battlefield of Eternity. Could be Tier 2 in the right hands and with a team willing to defend her.

The Butcher

Ruthless Onslaught makes him a one-button hero capable of carrying games in the lower League Tiers. No real need for Heroics with this guy.


Amazing mobility that can frustrate enemy teams. Very hard to kill hero with an amazing ultimate. Tier 2 in the right hands but not nearly as strong as she used to be.


Overkill is valuable for taking down enemy front lines but his ultimates can be difficult to use effectively.


High sustain and survivability make him a good front line warrior. His kit can be hard to master and his damage seems lackluster.


Not quite the bully he used to be, his power has dropped off a bit over the last few months. Can fulfill the role of tank or assassin. Can take out camps and even bosses solo.


Very strong lane push and 1v1, but his Spectral Scythe damage was nerfed which makes him less of a threat. Bona Armor makes him a great off-tank nonetheless.


Still a strong front-line bruiser with seemingly unlimited sustain. Not the first pick/first ban she used to be.


Her shields are amazing and make her feel like a support class. Her zoning potential in team fights is second to none. Strong addition to any team, especially those with squishy assassins.

Tier 4


Raven Form gives amazing map presence and Portal is downright amazing. Could be as high as Tier 2 if played with a team who understands his kit.


Very situational hero and needs the right team composition to be effective at higher ranks. Triple Tap is excellent for finishing off enemy heroes. Not much else going for her, but unreasonably effective at lower ranks due to bad positioning of many players.


Highest zoning potential of any hero but takes time to set up Photon Cannons and Warp Rifts. Not recommended for inexperienced players at lower ranks in Hero League.

The Lost Vikings

Consistently bad at low ranks, TLV are a niche pick that are guaranteed to spark toxic chat unless you are highly skilled. Pick at your own risk.