How to Make Gold in World of Warcraft Classic Part One: Grinding Isle of Dread


If you are serious about making enough gold in World of Warcraft to do things like buy your epic mount, buy Rare and Epic items from the Auction House, and have enough gold to lend to friends who need it, you are going to have to get serious about grinding mobs.  So many players I speak to including those in my own guild hate the thought of it, but grinding is a necessary evil if you want to make a lot of gold.  In short, you have to learn to love the grind.

Using the advice I am going to give you here, I was able to reach level 60 in just under 8 days played and buy my epic mount within a couple days of that.  To put it in perspective most people in my guild had primarily used quests to level and had, on average, reached level 45 with almost zero gold left over after buying their level 40 mount.  I even lent money to a few folks to buy their mount because I was sitting at over 650 gold when I hit level 60.  While I did complete many quests along the way, grinding was much more my aim than questing at some points because it is simply more efficient.  And it happens to make you richer!  

In this series I am going to give you several locations at different levels I have personally used to very effectively and efficiently make gold.  

Before we get into it, there are several things you should know:

  1. Grinding is boring.  You WILL get the urge to go off and do something else.  Trust me when I say this, 30 minutes of grinding on mobs will not get you anywhere.  I cannot prove this beyond my own experience, but in order to get the good drops, you have to grind for hours.  I generally grind complete levels at a time.
  2. You have to grind the right mobs.  Some mobs have much better drops than others.  Birds generally drop more items than wolves.  Bears drop decent items, but they take up a lot of bag space especially the bones.  in order to be efficient, you need things to stack well in your bags.
  3. My grinding locations are off the beaten path and not generally discussed in the popular generic gold guides.  Sure, grinding elementals in Silithus will get you an essence or two, but you will also have to either compete against your own faction, or PvP quite a bit to remain there.  I describe places you will often find no one else competing for mobs and you will have free-reign to grind.
  4. Generally, grinding becomes effective after level 40. Prior to this, gray items just do not vendor for enough to be worth the time spent.  Sure, there were times I killed mobs for an entire level, but it was mainly due to the fact that quest hubs were just too busy to get quests finished.
  5. Finally, you have to resign yourself to the fact that gold is based on averages. The AVERAGE drop from a bird is a feather or two and an egg.  What can you vendor or auction these items for?  More realistically, what can you vendor them for since many times you will lose gold by posting items on the AH that do not sell.  If they do not sell, and you have to vendor them anyway, you are not being as efficient as you could be.

With that introduction, lets get to the first grinding spot:

Naga Cave, Isle of Dread - Ferales

This location is best for Alliance as Feathermoon Stronghold is very close by and it is very out of the way for Horde to reach.  Be that as it may, it is a fantastic location for anyone around level 45 or higher.  There are several mobs you will be killing here:

  1. Hatecrest Sorceress
  2. Hatecrest Myrmidon
  3. Hatecrest Serpent Guard

An average drop here consists of the following:

Silver, Fish Oil, Big-mouth Clam

The Fish Oil is worthless and the Big-mouth Clams will really fill up your bags with Zesty Clam Meat.  However, they have a large uncommon, rare and epic loot table and you will get many items you can auction for pretty decent prices including the Zesty Clam Meat as it is pretty important for Cooking.  I would recommend being at least level 225 in Cooking and have learned the Clamlette Surprise recipe before you grind here so you can use all the clam meat to grind to 300.  I ground from level 45 to level 48 here and made around 100 gold in the process.  

That wraps up Part One of my Get Rich in World of Warcraft Classic series.  Next time we will take a look at a new grinding area and you will want to tune in for this one because this is where it starts getting interesting.

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