How to Make Gold in World of Warcraft Classic Part Two: Grinding Azshara


In the first installment of this series I talked about the Naga Cave on the Isle of Dread.  Check out that article here.  This time I want to talk about another less-traveled location you can use to earn gold in World of Warcraft Classic: Azshara.

In the southwest corner of Azshara as you enter on the road from Ashenvale, you will find an area inhabited by the Haldarr Satyr, and just south of that, the ruins containing the Highborne.  It is this small area of roaming Highborne I want to focus on in this post.

Grinding on the Highborne here will net you silver, Ichor of Undeath, Moonberry Juice, and Superior Healing Potions.  These are all pretty decent drops but the amount of green items that drop here seem to be inordinately high.  I was averaging between 6-8 uncommon items here per hour.  Many of these sell on the Auction House for 1-2 gold each.

Chest Spawns

The other attraction of this location is the fact that there are three chest locations here that seem to spawn every ten to fifteen minutes or so.  Obviously chests can contain just about any items of appropriate level so your ability to find uncommon, rare and even epic items will boost your gold per hour.

I grinded out a level or two in this location and ended up making about 50-70 gold in the process.  I was lucky to find some uncommon weapons which sell for more to the vendor, so my gold per hour might have been a little higher than average.

Join me in the next installment as we head across the sea to the Hinterlands where we start picking up the pace even more.