Incineration Productions Third Omen Looks Downright Creepy


Incineration Productions is a new game development studio out of Bulgaria consisting of eleven developers and churning out their first title. According to their site, "Third Omen" is a a dark, old-school RPG about "personal destruction in the name of exultation."

Here are a few features of Third Omen:

Timing-based combat system that puts you in control of your own actions – to deal with the creatures in Third Omen, we have created a precise fast-paced timing-based combat system that gives you full control of your actions. This combat system is at the core of the Third Omen experience.

Elements of an RPG – you will acquire new powers and abilities through battle and reveal a lot of deeply kept secrets about yourself.

An emphasis on true psychological horror, rather than cheap jump scares – dare yourself to dip into an intense gameplay in а vast world with masterfully crafted psychological twists.

Music – specially composed music the rhythm of which will play some tricks with your emotional state.

We have to say, this game looks fresh, dark and amazing.  There is no subscription, loot boxes or pay-to-win involved with Third Omen, which is welcome news for most players.  We are definitely on the edge of our seats for this one.

Check out the Incineration Productions website here and sign up for the closed beta: