Massive Exploiting in World of Warcraft Classic


Update:  It looks like Blizzard might be doing something about this issue.  Here is a post with a few details:

We all knew it would happen.  As soon as Blizzard made the announcement that Layering was going to be used in WoW Classic, the vitriolic posts began on the forums, on blogs, and YouTubers started talking about it.  Well, it turns out that they all had it right as seemingly all of the concerns were valid.  

Lets list all the ways Layering has destroyed the classic experience of WoW:

  1. Players have used layering to avoid PvP.
  2. Players are using layers to exploit chests
  3. Players are using layers to exploit mining and herb nodes such as Rich Thorium and Black Lotus.
  4. Players exploited layering to level MUCH faster than other players who did not know about it or were actually ethical and chose not to use it.  As a result, we already have MC and Onyxia cleared (in the first week no less).

Now, in what might be the mother of all layering exploits, we have guilds making upwards of 100,000 gold by exploiting layering to farm dungeon bosses and acquire best-in-slot gear, gold, and rare and epic drops without even having to clear the dungeon first.

Blizzard has found a way to ruin an historic second successful launch of their most successful game ever because of Layering, which they implemented in lieu of actually spinning up enough servers to meet the demand for the game.  It is becoming almost a joke how players are finding new ways to exploit games in order acquire an advantage.  Blizzard needs to take serious steps to punish the players that are doing this or else they are going to start feeling it in their bottom line just as they have in the retail version of World of Warcraft.

I lead a very successful old-school guild called <DIE>.  Many of us came out of gaming retirement for WoW Classic.  We are growing organically by recruiting a few solid players every day through forums posts and in-game grouping.  We are having an extraordinarily good time playing together like the old days of Vanilla and we are having some exceptional PvP battles with the Horde, which is a main thrust of our guild.  However, these exploits are giving an unfair advantage to guilds both in PvE and PvP which they clearly should not have.  We are seeing many players on their epic mounts with several pieces of Raid Tier gear and full best-in-slot dungeon gear. I know some of these players earned their gear through hard work and lack of sleep.  However, many of them exploited to get it and we cannot compete with them because we refuse to exploit to do so.  

Blizzard - please fix the exploits and punish the exploiters so we can enjoy this incredible game for many more years to come.

What do you all think? Leave your comments in the comment section and let us know what you think of all these exploits. Do they ruin the game for you?

Inviris - GM <DIE>