Riot Games Creating An MMO


League of Legends developer Riot Games has confirmed they are working on a massively multi-player roleplaying game using the lore and universe behind League as the foundation.

On December 17th, Riot's VP of IP and Entertainment, Greg Street (aka Ghostcrawler) sent out the following tweet:

There is a considerable amount of hype being generated by this tweet as many see Riot Games as one of the only major publishers that could seriously compete with Blizzard in the AAA MMO space.  World of Warcraft has been the dominant MMO for over 15 years now, but some see their engine as dated and their company slowly failing due to attrition.  This opens up a major opportunity for a company with the track record of Riot to produce a major competitor to the WoW behemoth.

Greg Street (Ghostcrawler) worked on World of Warcraft as Lead Systems Designer for nearly six years and was a massive favorite on the forums due to his informative and friendly posts. Prior to this, he worked with Ensemble Studios on the Age of Empires series of real-time strategy games.  

Ghostcrawler followed up the tweet the next day with the following three-part tweet:

No doubt this is exciting news and we are looking forward to seeing this project evolve.