World of Warcraft Classic Beta First Impressions


Blizzard was nice enough to throw a beta invite my way for World of Warcraft: Classic so I jumped right in on the first day it was open.  I wanted to drop a quick update here after my first few hours of playing.  

First I will say it is really nice to be back on an official server for the game, as all of the Vanilla servers I have played on have been wanting each in their own way.  My ping was literally 23ms all night, which is pretty impressive.  Second, the game is gorgeous in a way I was not expecting.  I have played Vanilla for years, but after experiencing some of the updated graphics, I am keeping them on.  I know a lot of players want a pure Classic experience, and I have been vocal about that too, but I am sold on the updated graphical experience.  It really gives the player a new look at Azeroth and makes it more beautiful than ever before.  Check out the detailed character shadows here:

Shadow detail is crisp and immersive

Here is a shot of the sunlight on the trees in Stormwind.  Just gorgeous!

Check out the sun on the trees!

Take a look at this shot of Stormwind at night.  Check out the improved lighting on the stained glass windows of the Cathedral.  Also, notice the Stormwind Guards' lantern and its improved glow.  The art team has really done a super job!

There are some bugs because it is beta, so I thought I would toss up a shot of Stormwind Keep sans its upper floors:

One of the most interesting aspects of the beta is the fact that people are simultaneously excited to be here and really friendly in-game.  In general and guild chat, people are always offering greens they find to others for nothing.  It could be the beta, but there is a real spirit of camaraderie here and people are having a blast just helping one another.  The community that Blizzard lost so many years ago is back and better than ever!

The community that Blizzard lost so many years ago is back and better than ever!

In closing I will say my first night of playing was really enjoyable.  I think I reported five bugs in all but none of them were game-breaking.  They mainly pertained to combat and some kind of lag between the button press and the skill actually firing. Although at one point a murloc aggroed me literally from across the lake in Elwynn Forest!  

In the spirit of keeping this concise, I will sign off here and save more for tomorrow. One more note: Everyone was really friendly in general chat and it was fun to see guys like Esfand and Asmongold in "/who".  Those guys really fought for this experience and I know they are eating it up right now.  I am currently a member of their "Make Azeroth Great Again" guild - along with most everyone on the Alliance faction!

I am really impressed with what Blizzard has done with World of Warcraft Classic so far. I am really looking forward to see how the beta progresses!